Imagine the sun just hovering barely over the horizon, the evening breeze flowing through her free hair, the fragrance of her cologne drifting through the air, her bare feet digging into the sand, a little cunny sly smile on her face and a Canon G16 in your hand… What you capture just isn’t any picture, that’s a lifetime memory, that’s a box of emotions in one handy jpeg format file.
Happy Lovers Month and when I just thought this Valentine would be different, Life had to show up and be its usual self. Enough of my problems though, I’m here to talk photography.
What is Photography?
Kola told me “it was drawing with light”, bending the laws of continuity and stealing still moments from an ever flowing river of moments, like dipping a cup into a big drum and collecting just bits of a whole, bits containing emotion and presenting it to your client in smooth little placards. It’s more than just being a commercial shutter-mercenary, readily available to make a few bucks… maybe being a shutter-merc does come in handy but we know Deadpool never cashes his cheques.
Photography is art and art is fluid and deals with the Public Presentation of Emotion (P.P.E), so hopping like the bunny that you’re not, buying that Nikon D5 and mastering Photoshop don’t make you a photographer… You might be awesome but you’re no photographer… You’re no artist.
Photography could be likened to building a relationship with God. It requires a deep connection, it requires passion and zeal, it demands that you throw in your soul and spirit, knowing fully the implications of such a commitment and not deciding to make it a quest to make a couple bucks….
Truly connecting with the arts is like taking a bottle of chilled-ice blocked-cold-deep freezered Cola Coca… You literally can taste the feels and even when you’re diabetic, there’s that longing to enjoy that SINFUL feeling again.
So, if you ask: What is Photography?
To me: Photography is Art and Art is LIFE!


What is Photography?
What is Photography?
What is Photography?
What is Photography?
What is Photography?

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